FCA - Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
16,608 m2
Project Info

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was established in Edinburgh on one floor of the building.

They wished to double the size of their office in the city by taking another floor in the same building and to improve the quality of the facility to match that of their English HQ.

The design strategy was to unite the two floors and to provide; a confidential meeting suite, communal facilities, collaboration spaces, bookable desking for hybrid working, alternative workspaces, zoom rooms, IT and FM facilities. Particular attention was paid to acoustics both in open plan and in cellular accommodation due to the increased level of amplified sound from simultaneous Teams calls.

The interior design strategy drew on Scotland in general and Edinburgh in particular. Being careful not to “over-brand” the colour pallet used colours from the Edinburgh City Tartan and fabrics used tweeds and heather colours. The black metal stair refers to Scotland’s rich engineering heritage with a laser cut pattern acknowledging the world famous Edinburgh Crystal cut glass.

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff have described it as “London plus” and enjoy the story of the design’s references

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